Water Parks

Water parks are an interesting concept. The countries like United States of America and Canada which experience a consumer base, who are willing to spend on various entertainment sources; a water park has lot potential to generate further sales. Parks are much more than just a revenue generating centers, the basic objective of a park is to provide the visitors with entertaining and pleasurable time.

Social factor are also immensely important in decision making of families and individuals as well in going to a water park. A research tells us about the various impacts group pressure can have on decision making. Human psychology is such that it takes a lot of inputs from its surrounding and hence these inputs are very important aspect while taking decision.

A research further proved that social factors are important in decision making of wanting to go to a water park. Social factors have a major impact on the decision making on consumer. The concept of consumer guilt was given in a research. Consumer feels four kinds of guilt either pre or post purchase i.e. economic health; moral; and financial responsibility. This guilt can stop a consumer from buying or repetitive buying.

A counter argument is also presented when various researches say that consumers on the first time purchase decision do not thing analyze deeply before buying. This could potentially go with consumer making decision of visiting a water park. In some case no pre purchase process is found, the consumer buys on impulse and out of habit, rather than critical analysis of various factors another research investigates that does culture has an effect on decision making process. It says the more decision making factors are also dependent on cultural factors. United States’ consumer spends a lot of money in impulse buying, whereas decision making is rather more complex in non western countries.

A few facts about consumers and water parks of USA and Canada which might now be commonly know are that there more than 1,000 water parks in this region. This certainly shows how much the consumers are interested in visiting these water parks. Estimated attendance at North American water parks during the summer 2006 season was about 78 million. This echoes that the demand is certainly present in the society; hence the supply is in such great number. Especially during the summer season, people who are not willing to go to other entertainment sectors such as cinema or beach or eating out or long drives, can visit these water parks with families as to have lots of fun when the sun at its brightest. The growth potential in these water parks is still very much viable.

The Era of Technology

Have you ever wondered, how many gadgets do you use everyday? Have you counted them? If not, then go ahead and count them, you will know straight away the importance of technological devices and your need for them. Now try and imagine your life without them, everything seems dark, no? These devises are not just around us everywhere but, in a way, they control us.

Most electronic devices have become a necessary part of our lives today including cell phone, media players and digital cameras. Have you ever been to a party without your cell phone or even your camera? I don’t think so. Since capturing moments have become so easy, we try to capture as much memories as we can. In today’s world, cell phones have become walking taking computers that connect you with your buddies and family. And if you think that it’s too farfetched then, why don’t you just spend a day or two without each and every device you own? Or just count each and every device that you use from the moment you step out of bed – to the moment you go to the bed, I am sure you’ll count a big number of them. But the most important gadget used in our daily lives is the cell phone, cell phones for long distance communication, computer to speed up office and business management and cars for transportation and many other new inventions.

So, technological devices has changed our lives and revolutionized the world we’re living in. To keep up with the high demands, we have these modern electronics to keep us on the track and help us stay connected with family, colleagues and friends. And of course, at times the cell phone acts like our best buddy, who is always there in different situations be it at work or in any other situation.

So these electronic devices and machinery have played a considerable role on delivering customers with compact entertainment and incomparable communication. Usage of products depends upon person to person. These electronic devices every section and age group of society, be it housewives, businessmen, school gong kids and any other job worker, the cell companies have introduced many categories making it accessible for all of us, making every one a part of this net and trying to connect everyone with their friends, family and colleagues, and increasing the customers in the process.

We have become extremely dependant on these gadgets and we should also learn to use them for the betterment of our society. Countries that use technology in constructive work are the ones that move towards development while the ones that waste their precious time and money on misusing them are doomed for life.


Man is always fond of knowledge and his intensive quest led to the accumulation and creation of incredible collection of information. From the very first day knowledge has no limits and bounds and can never be satisfied even in this modern era. No doubt information and knowledge is valuable and important for entire mankind that is why it should be conserved and secured. Invention of paper had made it possible for man to preserve this valuable asset in the form of books that is how libraries came into being. Millions of masterpiece of early times written by the wise and intellectual people of that era was destroyed because of lack of any proper mean to preserve them.

Basically library is defined as a large pool of books. Today its more advanced forms are digital source, E-book, resource and services. One of the oldest libraries was found about some 2700 years ago in Sennacherib's Palace in Nineveh showing that a piece of wisdom crafted many years ago is protected in an organized way for coming lot. Basic aim of library is to preserve the valuable and precious knowledge and information in the form of documents and books to make them available for new generation. Library is the most organized and systematic way of dissemination and preservation of knowledge and information and also provide the opportunity to people irrespective of gender, countries and age group to take some benefit from it.

Printing press made it easy to preserve the important information and knowledge in printed documents which leads to the evolution of books. People quest and need of transferring and dissemination make importance of libraries clear and meaningful. Libraries cater the need of billion of people each day and hold a special place in civilized society and play vital role in its development and arouse them with the passion of education and research in different fields.
With the advancement of information technology revolutionary chances also take place in the field of library and sciences as well. It also changed the traditional way of library system which completely depends on paper and includes bundles of paper documents but IT has changed it into digital library which is completely paperless. Information also eliminates the walls and creates virtual libraries that can be accessed by user at anytime anywhere across the globe through computer, internets and now with mobile phones as well.

Changes happens all the time and new researches and innovations are made at every second that is why it is necessary to keep the libraries up to date with latest information and knowledge. Modern changes in the field of science and library can be achieved only with the process of networking and digitalization.


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